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They want to overthrow the democracy

Samuel Almroth 25 years old, Nödinge.
Mats Andersson 24 years old, Helsingborg.
Jackie Arklöv 26 years old, Östersund.
Christian Arvidsson 22 years old, Klippan.

Andreas Axelsson 29 years old, Tyresö.

Fredrik Axelsson 24 years old, Linköping.
Karolina Bengtsson 21 years old, Örebro.
Patrik Berndtsson 33 years old, Malmö.
His whole body is tense. His eyes moves around without focusing and he looks frightened.
   We have knocked at the door of the witness who at court withdrew his crucial information in the case with the car bomb against the policemen in Malmö. People associated with the motorcycle (mc) club Hells Angels are suspected of the attempted assassination.
  One policeman lost his eyesight and another one was seriously hurt by the bomb.
  - What I said in court was true, the witness protests.

Erik Nilsen (Blücher) 46 years old, Helsingborg.
  This means that he has lied in a strangely detailed way during the inquiries. He then reported that he had stolen 1.5 kilos of an explosive when he was doing his military duty. A few days before the bomb attack he sold * kilo of it to one of the accused. He was paid with stereo equipment.
  During the trial he made a complete turn around. Now he had not sold any explosives at all. He said he had been forced to say so by the police.
  - Okay, I went too far when I said that I was forced by the police to say things in the inquiry. But all the time they wanted me to tell them in a certain way.

"Dangerous guys to mess around with"
  Then he comes with a completely different explanation of why he had changed his story: he wanted to clamp down on the person he gave evidence against.
  But I didn't think it through during the inquiry. I didn't think that my information would become of such great importance as it did.
  He is unable to explain why it would be a problem if he aimed at clamping down on the person he gave evidence against.
  - Yes.but some things here I want to keep to myself.
  He says that he has not been threatened but adds "these guys are dangerous to mess around with".
  - These accused persons could be involved in some way. If so, maybe someone of them wanted to make an impression on Hells Angels, but I don't know anything about that.
  The prosecutor of the case, Karin Henningsson, says harshly:
  - It is obvious that it is not without danger to testify against these individuals.
  The sudden turn around of the main witness contributed to the overruling of the prosecution and that the five accused were acquitted by the court.
  More than every third prosecutor has been involved in a preliminary examination that has had to be discontinued since the involved parties were threatened into silence. This is shown by an inquiry to the prosecutors that was made in a collaboration between Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen and Svenska Dagbladet.

It is obvious that it is not without danger to testify against these individuals
The prosecutor of the case, Karin Henningsson